Competitor Upate No 2 April 2015

An Invitation to all potential competitors, officials and spectators to the Alpine Rally of East Gippsland for 2015. The event is really taking shape and it’s time to give you all some of the details about what you can expect to see in this year’s event.

TV Coverage

The first big announcement is that we have secured a television deal with Black Magic Media (who do the coverage of the ARC) to produce a 1 hour documentary style program which will air on Australian Television and quite possibly overseas. Black Magic will also be adding regular video updates to its YouTube channel during the event. What we hope this means for YOU is that you will have something to entice potential sponsors to come on board and support your efforts at the event. It also means the event will continue to raise its profile both here and overseas.

Rallysafe for 2015 – Deletion of the ‘999’ Car

The next major announcement is that Rallysafe will now be mandatory for all competitors in the event. The organisers will use its tracking capacity to increase our ability to know where every car is at all times and that they are OK. This means that we will be able to dispense with the 999 safety car and run the more traditional sweep car and recovery vehicles at the rear of the field. The other benefit of Rallysafe is that it will free up a major part of our communications system which we will use to improve our ability to get up to date scores out on the website. The cost of using Rallysafe for the competitor is in 2 parts. 1, the installation kit which you buy for $175.00 and remains in your car. 2, the Rallysafe unit which is hired from Rallysafe. This cost is not yet finalised but could be around $165.00 for the event. For more information about Rallysafe, go to

Still a Tough Alpine, but enjoyment for all is the aim.

The main aim of the organising team and of new Clerk of Course Owen Polanski, is to make wholesale nfl jerseys the Alpine as much fun as possible not only for competitors but for officials and spectators too. Wherever possible we have taken on much of the constructive suggestions offered after the last event. Make no Regarding mistake though…..the event will be every bit as tough and challenging as it has been in the last few years.

Simplified Entry, Certainty of Entry

We are simplifying the entry process. We will just be calling for potential competitors to register their interest to compete before being offered a place in the field when entries open. See the list of key dates below to find out when registrations open. This will be all done through our revamped website which is due to be relaunched next month. A large part of the logic for this is to give country and interstate competitors some certainty of a confirmed place in the field as far out as possible, to make it easier for you to plan and book accommodation, leave from work, and so on.

Reduced Time Investment, Same Amount of Fun, No Reseeding Saturday Morning

The time commitment for competitors has been reduced which might make it easier for interstate entrants to join us. Firstly, scrutiny will now be available on a regional basis for competitors from outside Melbourne. The only scrutiny options available in Lakes Entrance will be for re-scrutiny on Friday morning. Secondly, we have done away with the ‘Prologue’ stages on the Friday afternoon of the event. The с one and only Friday stage will be a street stage in Lakes Entrance starting at 6pm Friday night. This stage will be essentially the same as in 2013 (with a couple of minor changes) and will form part of the results which is different from the last amend time we ran cheap nba jerseys it. It is our opportunity to announce the event to the locals and give them a taste of what they might see in the forest over the weekend. The important message in this development for potential entrants is that there will be no reseeding on Saturday morning based on Friday’s stage times. When you fill out your entry form please make sure 世界,你好! you give us lots of information in the section for past performances. Don’t assume we will know how fast you are, particularly if this is your first Alpine. It will be in your interest to provide a lot of information.

The Alpine “On The Road” and an all new look Sunday

Total distance for the event is 816km of which 461km is competitive. Depending on the availability of some roads, this may be subject to change. Saturday will be familiar to previous competitors with a ceremonial start from the Rotunda carpark in Lakes Entrance and then on to many of the favourite stages from the last Alpine with a few exciting new roads added. There will be a mix of good quality forest tracks which are quite technical, ranging up to a few very fast major logging roads in the mix. cheap jerseys Crews will visit both Orbost and Cann River for servicing, as in 2013.

Sunday will be quite new for the Alpine with many roads we wholesale nfl jerseys either haven’t used before or haven’t used for some years. Much of the route will be to the north of Bairnsdale and Bruthen and uses a range of roads that are very different in style to Saturday. Competitors who can remember the Alpines run around Bright will find the roads very similar.

At the focal point of the event on Sunday will be the township of Bruthen which competitors will visit 2 times for service, so crews will be well looked after with the facilities that Bruthen can provide. 8 Spectator Points Spectators will also be well looked after with 8 spectator points to view the rally over the weekend including one at Bairnsdale Speedway on Sunday morning, once again evoking memories of the Alpines based at Bright.

Event Headquarters will be at Forestech as before, just out of Lakes Entrance so there will Introduction be plenty of room for everyone.

Entry fee for the 2015 Alpine Rally of East Gippsland will be $850.00 and, although this is a small increase on 2013, it is still excellent value at only $1.84 per competitive kilometre.

We are looking forward to putting on the best ever Alpine and we hope you can be a part of it. More updates will be regularly forthcoming.

Important Dates Saturday 13th June Call for Registrations opens Friday 4th September 18:00 hrs Close of Registrations Monday 7th September Entries open for all registrants Monday 28th September Entries open for non-registrants Sunday 18th October 18:00 hrs Early entries close Monday 19th October 20:00 hrs Confirmed entries notified Sunday 8th November 18:00 hrs Final entries close Monday 9th November Start order announced, Further Regs and cheap mlb jerseys Guide issued

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