Alpine 2019 Crew eligibility and acceptance of entries

The information below is extracted from the draft 2019 Alpine Supplementary Regulations. These are DRAFT regs and are yet to be approved. This draft content is offered as guidance to allow you to start planning.

Crew Eligibility

Both crew members must be members of a CAMS affiliated car club.

Foreign participation in the Event is allowed.

Crews shall consist of 2 persons only, one nominated as the Driver and the other as the      Co-driver/Navigator and the same crew shall be required to compete in those respective positions throughout The Event (unless permission to change is granted by the Clerk of the Course).

Acceptance of Entries

Entries will be accepted in order of submission of fully completed entry forms and payment.

Entries shall be limited to 105 including 5 cars considered by the Clerk of Course as cars of distinction, plus 20 reserves. Should the limit be exceeded, priority of acceptance shall be the online time/date stamp order of the submission of entries.

In addition to this, a maximum of 35 drivers who contested East Coast Classic Rally Series (ECCRS) events in 2019 will receive priority within the first 24 hours of entries opening in the following order:

  1. Drivers who have entered 3 or more ECCRS events, then…
  2. Drivers who have entered 2 ECCRS events, then…
  3. Drivers who have entered 1 ECCRS event.

Should the 35-driver ECCRS limit be exceeded and further prioritisation be required within one of the above groups, priority will be given to that group’s drivers with the most ECCRS outright points.

If the limit of 125 is reached prior to the final closing date for entries, no more entries will be accepted.