We’re zooming along…

The Alpine team is trying out a few new tools in the lead up to the 2019 event… we’re trying to make better use of “smart technology” to save us some time and to make our jobs a bit easier.

Many of the tools we’re using are focused on information sharing and collaboration. This is always a challenge for teams – especially for a large, geographically dispersed team like the Alpine’s.

We do of course, use email. But that can create more problems than benefits. HRA stalwart and email productivity expert Steuart Snooks agrees: “Email is the biggest time-waster and source of frustration in modern working life.”

To keep comms channels open, and to make sure everyone has an opportunity to contribute, we made an early decision that the various Alpine teams should meet regularly and often – and that they should do it face to face.  

But geography works against frequent meetings – for both our team members who don’t live in Melbourne and for the rest of us who must deal with our constantly bloody awful traffic. 

So, we’re using using Zoom to bring the teams together. Zoom is an effective, easy to use and attractively priced video conferencing tool. And it has been working well.

The five-member exec team has met every week or two for the last six months. Recently we started meetings for the broader organising team, which includes people from around country Victoria and Tasmania.

Zoom seems to be working well on a wide range of platforms and devices and coping with people’s different connection speeds and locations.

It works well for small and large groups, although we do things a little differently when it’s our big group. Owen manages the big meeting a bit more closely and makes sure he goes around the “room” so everyone has a chance to speak.

We’ve also started doing one-on-one calls on zoom because the face-to-face provides an extra dimension and makes the call more effective.

We’ll be looking at other tools as we get closer to the event, including SMS broadcasting so we can message both competitors and officials and live blogging via the website to keep everyone up to date during the event. But more on those later…

Steve Hollowood