Supp Regs Are Out

The Supp Regs for the 2019 Alpine Rally of East Gippsland are now available to all registered crews.

If you are thinking out competing in this iconic event you need to register your interest via the competitors page on our website and we will then send you a set of the supp regs. Entries open on Sunday August 18th at 10am and only people who are registered will be able to access the entry form.

Currently we have 256 registrations and that total is growing every day.

We have done a bit of a breakdown of who has registered and it makes for impressive reading…..

There are 5 previous Australian Rally Champions, multiple State and Club Champions from every state and territory in Australia. We also have the winners of the last 2 Alpines on the list. And there are 4 competitors registered from New Zealand.

The team have created a new and different route from the last couple of events even using 1 new road that has never before been used. It’s looking like the best Alpine ever so don’t miss out.