Accident and Emergency Procedures for Competitors

Fortunately we have a very good safety record at the Alpine Rally of East Gippsland but that doesn’t mean we should be complacent about maintaining the highest levels of safety possible. So here is a reminder of the specific procedure should you be one of the first cars on scene of a serious crash.

  1. Never go past a stopped car unless it is displaying an OK board. If they are displaying an SOS board or no board at all you MUST stop and check on the condition of the crew.
  2. Remember, always protect yourself first in the event of obvious danger like fire, spilled fuel, sharp edges, unstable ground, etc.
  3. The next most important priority is to check on the condition of the crew. If they need medical assistance make sure that you send for help. This may be by calling the emergency number provided by the event organiser or (if no phone coverage) by pushing the distress/SOS button on the Rallysafe unit of either car.
  4. Provide first aid assistance to injured crew members promptly.
  5. When the next car arrives send it on to either the next SOS point or the finish of the stage (whichever comes first) with details of the incident and any injuries. There will be radio comms with HQ at these points.
  6. Stay on scene and provide assistance as needed until relieved by the MIV crew.
  7. Do NOT post anything about the incident on social media until you have talked to the event COC.

Check out this great video from the Motor Sport Association UK that will give you some excellent advice on how to look after injured crew members. 

These guidelines will keep all competitors as safe as possible so please memorise and implement them as needed.