Competitor Profile – Jason Sims/Ken Moore

After having so much fun at the last two Alpine Events Jason and Ken are back to do it this year. Jason feels that his car hasn’t been quite right for the last two and both times the brakes have been a major issue. After some help from a couple of Datsun experts, you know who you are, he is hoping that the issue is finally sorted after 4 years.

Despite finishing both of the previous Alpines in 25th position it still feels like unfinished business according to Jason. Ken has been in the silly seat for the last two and wants to have another go in the fun rear wheel drive car, his regular ride being a Subaru in the SARC series.

Both boys treat this event as fun and make sure it is enjoyable, whilst still trying to be competitive, maybe not in the league of the big boys but at least keeping them honest. Finishing is half the battle in an event like this. Due to ongoing issues the car has only had one outing this year and that was at the AGL Rally of the Heartland at Burra. Despite more brake troubles and a last minute change of navigator managed to finish 3rd .

No longer having an “L” series but a SR20 has made a small difference but still needs more horsepower according to Jason. A few more long nights in the shed between now and the end of November and it should be a good thing. Wouldn’t want to disappoint the service crew or spectators. Especially excited for the Bairnsdale speedway as had a ripper time around there in 2015.