Competitor Profile – Joel Wald/Chris Ellis

Driver – Joel Wald (Age – getting old) First Rally – Shamateur 2 1984 Datsun 180B with a half cage (Tayell) and a pop up sunroof! – 35yrs ago! First Win – Nissan Nightmoves 1985 (GB Galant) Greatest Number of Events in 1 Year – 27 (1985) with Cameron Jay.

Navigators include – Ron Jay, Cameron Jay, Ashley Fraser, Michael Phillips, Brian Reynolds, Tracey Dewhurst, Cathy Elliott, Kim Begelhole, Jenny Cole & Chris Ellis.

Most Enjoyable Event – State Bank Re-Run (We need more of the Graham Wallis)Hardest Event – Classic Outback Trial 2016. Alpine Years – 86, 87, 89, 03, 09, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 (This is my 10th Alpine)

Navigator – Chris Ellis (Age – reaching puberty)I have known Chris since he was born (in fact I started competing 2 years before he was born) First Rally – 2007 Nightstalker.  Earliest Rally Memory – spectating at 1994 Healesville Stages (Age 8). Alpine Years – 17, 19

Always using the best of what I had in Historic has resulted in mid field placings. This Alpine sees the new and improved version using an Ex-Darryn Snooks Stanza which campaigned many events including the Otago Rally steered by Geoff Portman. The car was subsequently stripped and rebuilt by Pro Rally Motorsport Fabricators to include a very special Peter Kennard FJ20, Hollinger 6 speed and MCA suspension. Shod with Stuckey Dunlops, this will provide us with our best chance so far and make up some of those lost seconds per km. Like a kid in a candy store, we can’t wait for 3, 2, 1, GO!!!