Competitor Profile – Tony Jordan/Richard Davidson

I started competing in rallies in 1996 as a driver in a Triumph 2.5PI in Amsag and State events, got hooked and have been rallying ever since .

I started competing in the Triumph Stag in 2003 through to present. I have had numerous podium positions in Amsag rally’s over the years. 

Other rally’s have been; Red Center to Gold Coast –  Peugeot 504. 2009 COT Triumph 2.5PI. 2010-2012 COT Datsun 180b navigating. 2014-2016 COT Triumph 2.5PI. 2015 Alpine. Triumph 2,5PI- broke strut -missed 5 controls 73rd. 2017 Alpine Triumph Stag- we were one of the last cars through on Saturday before stages were stopped due to the weather finished 71st.

Competed in 2014, 2015 and 2017 Otago Classic Rally NZ (nav)

I enjoy longer distance rally’s more so than sprint events these days. I will be running the 1974 Stag again this year. We built the car in 2003 to run something a little bit different . I don’t know of another rallying in Australia. It has a Leyland P76 4.4 engine with 5 speed box . Fun car to drive . Looking forward to another run in the Alpine in the unique Triumph Stag with a great mate, Tony Jordan. 

For Richard as a relative latecomer to the rally scene, my first rally was the 2008 Red Centre to Gold Coast Trial (driver/nav) in a very tired Peugeot 504 …. talk about in at the deep end!  We did finish but had to rebuild the car in Townsville and “cut and run” to Tibooburra.Competed in the 2009, 2014, 2016 Classic Outback Trial (driver/nav) and entered for 2020 Classic Outback Trial (nav)

Competed in the 2013, 2015, 2017 and entered for 2019 Alpine Classic Rally (nav)

Numerous AMSAG and NSW CAMS rallies since 2012 as driver and co-driver.

After rolling two rally cars in the last few years I have finally realised that it might be safer and cheaper to sit in the “silly seat”.