Competitor Profile – Lee Peterson/Daniel Wilson

I have competed in 5 previous Alpine Rallies, the first being in 1987 in a Group G RX2, peripheral port 13B with big wing on the back.  There is a bit of old video going around of the Bright Speedway.  That year we were well inside the top 10 when sheared the wheel studs in Stanley Plantation.

A couple of years later ran again in the Ex Ed Mulligan PRC RX7 but DNF’d with a broken brake caliper.

In recent Alpines I have competed with Daniel Willson a very experienced codriver from Tasmania who has competed in Targas, Asia Pacific and ARC and WRC rounds.

The vehicle I currently run is a 1994 Nissan Sunny GTi that I originally built for the ARC in the late 90’s winning the 2wd Championship in 2000 .  The Sunny is built to similar specs as the NME British Championship cars of that era.

Basically the Alpine is my nemesis, still yet to finish.  Was up to 8th in atrocious conditions last event when a lower control arm jammed up with mud and rock and broke.  This was after a slipping clutch on Friday night and a late night change which put us down the running order for Saturday.

See you in November.