Wheelspin at Start Controls

The Alpine Rally of East Gippsland was one of the first events in Australia to implement a ‘No Wheel Spin’ policy at start controls. The first year we brought it in there was widespread concern and fear at how it might work but it has been a resounding success over the years we have implemented it.

Benefits include reducing road damage at start lines to almost nil which is a substantial feature when you have a field of 100 cars plus. There is also a reduced need for officials at start controls as there is no need for a separate start line.

To help make this work as well as possible for today’s highly tuned cars we have selected most start locations on either flat or slightly downhill locations.

Here is an excerpt from the last Furthers to give you an idea of how the regulation looks in the documentation.

To protect Control Officials and following cars, wheel spin at competitive starts prior to the
passing of the Beige Board control boundary marker is not allowed and shall be subject to
the following penalties:
• 1st offence 2 minute penalty and $250 fine
• 2nd offence 5 minute penalty and $500 fine
• 3rd offence Exclusion
All control officials shall be Judges of Fact with regard to whether wheel spin has occurred or
not and a video camera may record all starts.
− Any wheel spin offence shall be recorded both on the Control Card and an Incident Report
and shall be reported to Rally Headquarters.
− Rally Headquarters shall then contact a time control ahead of the offending crew to advise
the officials of the offence and the car concerned.
− The officials at that time control shall issue a form to the offending crew advising them that
the offence has been reported and that they will be required to report to the Stewards at a
time to be advised.
The form issued to the crew shall advise whether it is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd offence that has been