Service Parks and Space

Every year rally teams seem to get bigger and have more equipment. It’s not uncommon to see trucks and even a few semi-trailers in service parks now. Add to this that there will probably be at least three tyre trucks that will need to be accommodated in or near to the service park.

This development creates a new dilemma for event organisers in that we need to find service park locations that are big enough to cope with the extra space requirements of these crews. In the case of the Alpine Rally of East Gippsland it is even trickier as we have 100+ crews to accommodate in our service parks.

The organising team have decided that trucks cannot be brought into the service parks after cars have started to arrive for their scheduled service break. This means teams will need to drop off the equipment needed to complete their service and then park the truck outside the service park. We would also ask that car trailers too, be left outside service park.

We have tried to condense the locations for service as much as possible to make this easier on crews. There are two main service locations on the Saturday which are Orbost Recreation Reserve which is used twice and Cann River Recreation Reserve used once. If it is wet we will lose half the available space in both those locations.

On the Sunday there is one service park for the whole day in Bruthen which will be visited at least twice so crews can remain setup in the one location but again if it is wet we will lose a substantial area for servicing.

Please take these factors into consideration when planning your event and don’t get caught out on the day.