30 Days to Go. Are you Ready?

So, with just 30 days to go until the start of the 2019 Alpine Rally of East Gippsland, are you ready?

The organising team are on track, the roadbooks are off to the printer and most of our other documentation is almost finished or ready to print, we have most of our permissions and the others are on the way. Now all we need is cool clear weather so we can show off what we think is one of the best Alpine Rally’s on the road yet.

For competitors, have you made sure you have filled out all the forms you need to including past performances and the media information form. We are lucky to have Ross Dunkerton who will be commentating at most spectator points as well as the Super Special at the Bairnsdale Speedway. I am always amazed at how few competitors give us their media profile so it can be talked about by the commentators. If you want free media exposure this is a great opportunity.

All the forms and documents you need as a competitor are on the website at https://alpinerally.org.au/competitors/ make sure you stay up to date as we put more documents up there almost daily.

Have you got your accommodation booked. If not, you need to get onto it. There is heaps of accommodation in Lakes Entrance but if you want the good ones you need to book them now. We have links to all the providers on our website at https://alpinerally.org.au/accommodation/

We still need plenty of officials, so if you want your own private spectator point for the best classic rally in Australia book your spot now on this page https://alpinerally.org.au/officials/

Spectator Instructions are almost finished and will be published on the website closer to the event and limited numbers of hard copies will also be available at the event.

The excitement is building, lets all pray for great weather, not too wet and not too hot.