Competitor Update Nov. 18

Things are getting very hectic now at Alpine Rally HQ and we have picked up a few things that competitors need to know about to help with your planning.

1. Time Control Procedures: A few competitors have rightly pointed out an inconsistency between instructions for booking into a control at the end of a transport/start competitive. The procedure is as follows:

“When you arrive at the Control at the end of a Transport, stop at the yellow clock sign
(Appendix H) If you are in the first five cars stay in your vehicle as the Control Officials will be instructed to come to you and collect your Road Card. Nominate the time you want with the official.
If you arrive at the control and there are more than 5 cars you are to get out, walk to the
Control, nominate your time, and leave your card. (Placing your Road Card down early will
NOT incur a penalty). Then go back and get into your car and get yourself ready.”

2. Competitor Briefing Time: There is some confusion about the time for Competitor Briefing at the Lakes Entrance Foreshore on Friday 29 November. Official proceedings including VIP speeches and Welcome to Country by a local Elder will commence at 14:00 followed by the briefing at approximately 14:15. ALL competitors are expected to be in attendance from 14:00.

3. Updated list of Decals for all cars: Since the Guide to Competitors was issued last week there is a windscreen banner to go on all cars from our major sponsor. See the image below.