Bulletin 2: ECCRS Heats and Awards

ECCRS Heats and Awards

Item 1:
For the purposes of scoring the ECCRS the event will have two Heats. Heat 1 will conclude at the end of Division 3 and Heat 2 will conclude at the end of Division 5.

Item 2:
Additional awards will be made available specifically for the ECCRS as listed below:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd outright ECCRS for driver and co-driver
  • 1st Authentic 2WD (Classic Rally Cars C1), for driver and Co-driver
  • 1st Modified 2WD (Classic Rally cars C2 and C3 plus Club Rally car models greater than 30 years old as at 1 January 2019), for driver and Co- driver

Owen Polanski
Clerk of the Course

The paper copy of this bulletin, which was signed by the Clerk of the Course and CAMS Stewards, will on the Official Noticeboard at Rally Headquarters in Lakes Entrance.