How to Plan Your Spectating on Day 1 at the Alpine Rally

So you are new to spectating at car rallies and you want to get some exciting action as well as be able to see the cars and crews up close. Here’s our suggestion on how to plan your Friday at the Alpine Rally of East Gippsland.

Rally spectators in Murrungowar Forest.
Spectators in Murrungowar Forest. Pic from the HRA collection.

First have a look at the article on our Spectators Page called Spectating 101, it lays out all the basics to get started, then download the Spectator Guide from that same page which will give you specific maps, instructions and a schedule of when the cars will be where.

On Friday Nov. 29 from 1 pm you will be able to visit the Ceremonial Start on the Foreshore at Lakes Entrance right next to the Rotunda, there you will see all 107 cars and crews lined up and you can talk to the crews as well as get a close up look at the cars.

From there you will be able to catch car 1 at the first spectator point on Blackfellows Rd. To do this you will need to leave Lakes Entrance at 2.30 pm to arrive at the spectator point at about 2.50 pm. Park as per the directions in the Spectator Guide and follow the instruction from our Spectator Marshalls to find a great vantage point so you are ready for the first competitive car which will arrive at about 3.17 pm

You can stay here until about 5.00 pm when you need to leave for the Bairnsdale Speedway where we are running the Koni Super Speedway Stage. The first car starts this stage at 6.00 pm and all others cars will follow at about 1 minute intervals. You will be able to buy food and drink here from the Bairnsdale Speedway Club. This will be the highlight of the day.