Latest Update on the Bushfire Situation and the Alpine Rally 25 November

The bushfire threat in East Gippsland has increased substantially in the past 24 hours but the Alpine Rally of East Gippsland will go ahead as planned.

View of the Bruthen fire. Photo from ABC Gippsland.

We have been working very closely with DELWP Forest Fire Management staff today to monitor the threat and ensure that we can run the Alpine Rally of East Gippsland safely for all involved.

What was a relatively small fire NE of Bruthen has rapidly grown in size today and has impacted at least two stages of the event. We have had to cancel one stage from Friday and shorten one stage from Sunday. We are currently waiting on an update from DELWP tomorrow morning as to the viability of another two Sunday stages.

At this point in time there is currently no threat at all to the Saturday stages and we are hoping to keep 2 of the 3 Friday forest stages as well as the Bairnsdale Speedway. The Sunday stages are not assured yet but DELWP staff are hopeful we can retain up to half of them.

We really appreciate all the efforts of DELWP and their Forest Fire Management crew and firefighters. We wish them all the best of luck in safely getting on top of this fire tonight and tomorrow.

So don’t cancel any of your plans everyone here is working really hard to make sure we have the best Alpine Rally of East Gippsland we can have.

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