General Updates and Useful Info for Today Wednesday 27/11

Road Closures Around East Gippsland The Great Alpine Road is currently closed just North of Bruthen so if you intend to come to the Alpine Rally via that route you will need to re-think. Keep an eye on road closures with the Vicroads website.

The Sunday night celebration dinner is definitely going ahead but we are working with the caterer and venue to reschedule to an earlier time. This is entirely dependent on a lot of variables such as changing the liquor licence times, availability of the venue, availability of staff, etc. Most of which are out of our control. Hopefully we will have news on this by midday tomorrow.

Re-Seeding for Division 2 This will still take place as planned based on times from Division 1. Read our policy on this HERE

Re-using Saturday Stages and other Route Ideas There have been quite a few suggestions put up about how we might be able to re-run some Saturday stages on Sunday and various other ideas. We have explored most if not all of those over the last few days but some of the issues that we have encountered are things like the potential for massive road damage with 200 cars passing over stages multiple times and the fact that our DELWP permit is very specific on dates and time that we are allowed to close roads. There’s also the not insignificant factor of re-wrangling officials to be out there for up to 12 hours rather than the 6 that they are already committed to.

Stay tuned for any further updates soon.