Bulletin 3: Stage and Roadbook Changes

Stage and roadbook changes

Item 1: Stages changes
SS1 on Friday has been shortened. Due to fires SS2 and SS3 on Friday have been cancelled. ALL stages on Sunday have been cancelled.

Item 2: Roadbook changes
At document issue you will be issued replacement roadbook pages for:

  • SS1 ALT, 9.18 km, with a maximum time of 10 minutes
  • TP B ALT2, 40.10 km, with an allowed time of 60 minutes. (NOTE: replacement pages incorrectly show time allowed as 40 minutes.)

These will replace pages Div1 p6 to Div1 p11 (inclusive) in your roadbook. SS2, TPC, SS3 and TPD should be ignored. SS4 starts on Div1 p24.

Owen Polanski
Clerk of the Course

The paper copy of this bulletin, which was signed by the Clerk of the Course, CAMS Stewards and Course Checker, will be on the Official Noticeboard at Rally Headquarters in Lakes Entrance.