1-4 December, 2022

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Alpine Organisers’ old cars – David Gallacher

We’re really pleased to announce that David Gallacher has joined the Alpine Organisers team for 2021 as an Assistant Clerk of Course on the Road Team. Dave brings a wealth of Alpine competitive experience and some fabulous ideas to the team…

David first discovered the sport of rallying at Victorian School of Forestry in 1976 (wonder how?) and spectated on his first Alpine in 1977.

He’s done a bit of driving over the years with, in his words “no great success – but I’ve never DNF’d as a driver, working on the Bradbury principle!”

He started competing as a nav/co-driver in 1985 and has since then, filled the left hand seat for 31 drivers, in 37 different cars. Whoa!

Here’s Dave’s Alpine story, captions in his words. That’s a great Alpine track record Dave… kudos!

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