December 2022

Scanning Documents for your Entry

As part of the process of lodging an entry for the Lock & Load Alpine Rally of East Gippsland you will need to scan a number of documents and upload them into our entry system. This is part of our ongoing obligations under our COVID Safe plan and will streamline the book-in process once at the event.

There are many ways to scan and then digitise a document and you may already have a combined printer/scanner at home or work. But if not you can use free apps on your phone like Camscanner or even just take a photo with your phone and save it as a JPEG file. If all else fails take your documents to somewhere like Officeworks where they can scan and save them as PDF files on a memory stick so you can upload them easily.

See the Camscanner tutorial on YouTube HERE

Make sure you have all your documents scanned and ready to go prior to starting the entry process.

These documents for each crew member will need to be uploaded for all entries.

  • Civil Driver Licence
  • Motorsport Australia Rally Licence
  • Club Membership Card
  • Vehicle Logbook (Motorsport Australia)
  • Vehicle Registration or Permit
  • Completed Scrutiny Form
  • Motorsport Australia General Disclaimer
  • Multi-Occupant Vehicle Declaration

Depending on your entry, you may also need to upload 

  • Competitor MA licence
  • Vehicle Owners Permission
  • Parent/Guardian Consent Form if under 18
  • Declaration of Co-Driver without a Civil Licence
  • International Competitor Visa from Motorsport Australia

We’ll put links to all of these Motorsport Australia forms and declarations in the Competitors area of the website before entries open.

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