Documents and forms


Competitors’ Briefing (pdf, 150 KB)

This is a written version of briefing to be delivered by the Clerk of the Course on 1 December 2022 .

Briefing Sign-in – to confirm that you have read or attended briefing. 


Entry List, 25 Nov 2022 (pdf 0.4 MB)

Guide for Competitors (pdf 4.4MB) 


Further Regulations (pdf 3.7 MB)

2022 Lock & Load Transport Alpine Rally of East Gippsland Supplementary Regulations  (pdf, 2.2MB)

Competitor Forms

Other Event Forms

Motorsport Australia forms

Risk Warning, Disclaimer and Indemnity Declaration

Scrutineer’s Report – Rally and Road

Parent/Guardian’s consent if under 18 years is on MA Indemnity Declaration for that crew member

Declaration of Co-Driver Without Civil Licence 

Automobile Legal Owner’s Declaration

(Links above are to pdf forms on the Motorsport Australia website)