December 2022

Documents and forms

Event Documents

Event documents will added here as they are made available. 

Lock & Load Alpine Rally of East Gippsland Supplementary Regulations will be updated and re-issued in early 2022.

Event Forms

Alpine Rally Registration  (for anyone who is interested to be added to our mailing list.)

Lock & Load Alpine Rally Entry Form (Available when entries open)

Online Payment Form (Available when entries open)

Document Upload Form (Available when entries open)

Documents and forms for upload

All competitors will need to upload these documents to the Entry Secretary.

Motorsport Australia Rally Licences

Club Membership Cards

Vehicle Logbook (Motorsport Australia)

Vehicle Registration or Permit

MA Self-Scrutiny Checklist

MA Self-Scrutiny Statement of Vehicle Compliance

MA Competitors Risk Warning, Disclaimer and Indemnity Declaration

Depending on your entry, these documents may be needed – either for submission to MA before the event or to be completed and uploaded..

Parent/Guardian’s consent on MA Declaration if Under 18 years

Competitor’s MA Licence

MA Declaration of Co-Driver Without Civil Licence

MA Automobile Legal Owner’s Declaration 

MA International Competitor Visa – 2021
(MA application: Foreign Participation in
National Events Visa 2021)

Competitors will need to complete this form and hand it in at the start of each day. 

Alpine Rally postponed to 2022

Due to COVID lockdowns and border closures, the Lock and Load Transport Alpine Rally of East Gippsland has been postponed until December 2022

See our post “Alpine Rally Postponed” for more information.