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We’re trying to gather information about past Alpines, including the clubs and people who ran the events and some of the running details. While we have information about most of the recent events, the details of earlier events are hard to find. This is especially the case for those events conducted in the decades around WWII. 

Can you fill in any gaps? Do you have any information or old records that can help? There is a form at the bottom of the page – we’d love to hear from you! 

Clerk of Course
Deputy CoC/
Road Director
Checkerevent namepromoterDatesStartFinish
2022Owen PolanskiSteve HollowoodRick HartmannAlpine Rally of East GippslandHRADec 1-4Lakes EntranceLakes Entrance
2019Owen PolanskiSteve HollowoodRick HartmannAlpine Rally of East GippslandHRANov 29 - Dec 1Lakes EntranceLakes Entrance
2017Owen PolanskiAndrew WhiteDavid JohnsAlpine Rally of East GippslandHRADec 2-5Lakes EntranceLakes Entrance
2015Owen PolanskiStuart ListerScott MannAlpine Rally of East GippslandHRANov 27, 28 & 29Lakes EntranceLakes Entrance
2013Russell OpieStuart ListerScott MannAlpine Rally of East GippslandHRANov 29 - Dec 1Lakes EntranceLakes Entrance
2011Stuart ListerRussell OpieScott MannAlpine Rally of East GippslandHRANov 25, 26 & 27Lakes EntranceLakes Entrance
2009Stuart ListerRussell Opie
Andrew Roberts
Scott MannYokahama Alpine RallyHRANov 14 & 15Lakes EntranceLakes Entrance
2007Stuart ListerAndrew RobertsScott MannAlpine RallyHRANov 24 & 25Lakes EntranceLakes Entrance
2005Stuart ListerAndrew Roberts
Dave Gallacher
Scott MannAlpine Rally HRADec 3 & 4Lakes EntranceLakes Entrance
2003Stuart ListerAndrew Roberts
Paul Mollison
Scott MannAlpine RallyHRALakes EntranceLakes Entrance
2001Stuart ListerScott MannAlpine RallyHRANov 17 & 18LilydaleBright
2000Gordon DouglasMax CarmodyThe Millenium Alpine TrialAWDCCMarchAlburyAlbury
1998Gordon DouglasThe Alpine TrialAWDCC
1995-97Not Conducted
1994Noel CutlerNECC & AWDCC
1993Noel CutlerNECC & AWDCC
1992Simon BrownGary Gourlay
Shane Davis
Trevor BoydNEP Shell Alpine RallyS & K BrownMarch 28-29,AlburyAlbury
1991Simon BrownRon HarperTrevor BoydBP Alpine Rally 50th RunningLCCAApril 26-28,AlburyMelb Showgrounds
1990Simon BrownRon HarperTrevor BoydBP Alpine RallyLCCAApril 27-29,Melb, BP SomertonLake Hume Resort
1989Stuart ListerTrevor BoydBP Visco 2000 Alpine RallyLCCAApril 28-30,Melb, BP SomertonLake Hume Resort
1988Not Conducted
1987Stuart ListerHelen Lister
Stephen Smith
Trevor BoydBP Visco Alpine RallyLCCANov 21-22,Lake Hume ResortLake Hume Resort
1986Stuart ListerHelen Lister
Stephen Smith
Trevor BoydBP Visco Bright Alpine RallyLCCANov 22-23,BrightBright
1985Not Conducted
1984Steve HollowoodStuart ListerTrevor BoydEnka-fill Alpine RallyLCCANov 24-25,BrightBright
1983Mike PrendergastStuart ListerIan RichardsEnka-fill Alpine RallyLCCANov 19-20,BrightBright
1982Stuart ListerArco Alpine RallyLCCANov 29-30,BrightBright
1981Stuart ListerAlpine International RallyLCCANov 21-22,BrightBright
1980Stuart ListerHelen McGinty
Gary Gourlay
Steve HollowoodAlpine International RallyLCCANov 8-9,BrightBright
1979Mike PrendergastStuart ListerIan RichardsAlpine International RallyLCCANov 9-10,BrightBright
1978Ian RichardsRobin SharpleyRepco International Alpine RallyLCCANov 24-26,Melb, Bourke St MallBright
1977Ian RichardsRobin SharpleyRepco International Alpine RallyLCCANov 25-27,Melb, Government HouseBright
1976Ian RichardsIan WilsonRobin SharpleyKleber Alpine InternationalLCCANov 26-27,Melb. Channel 0, NunawadingBright
1975Frank KilfoyleGeoff SchmidtRobin SharpleyKleber Alpine RallyLCCADecAlburyBright
1974Frank KilfoyleIan RichardsRobin SharpleyAlpine RallyLCCANovBrightBright
1973Bruce FordIan WilsonRobin SharpleyThe Golden Alpine RallyLCCANovBrightBright
1972Bruce FordIan WilsonRobin SharpleyLCCANovLake BuffaloBright
1971Bruce FordIan Wilson,
Richard Creed
Robin SharpleyLCCA
1970Bruce FordAlpine Rally Sponsored by Alpine CigarettesLCCA
1969R.L. Baker & B.T. FordI Brown, N Thomas,
M Trist
R Lunn, T TheilerAlpine Rally Sponsored by Alpine CigarettesLCCALCCA MelbourneCaribbean Gardens, Melbourne
1968R.L. Baker & B.T. FordG McBean,
L Baker
Don OpieAustralian Alpine Rallye Sponsored by Philip MorrisLCCALCCA MelbournePhillip Island Race Circuit
1967Tony TheilerLCCA
1966Tony TheilerAustralian Alpine Rallye Sponsored by Philip MorrisLCCALCCA MelbourneGippsland?
1965Bruce FordBob ForsythRoger Vaughan,
Bruce Woodfull
1964Bruce FordLCCA
1963Bruce FordLCCA
1962Bruce FordTony TheilerLCCA
1961Bruce FordTony TheilerLCCA
1960Bruce FordTony TheilerLCCA
1956Not Conducted due to LCCA involvement in Olympics
1953WR Hicks & WW LeechAlpine Reliability TrialLCCADec 5 – 6Elsternwick
1952Bill Leech and Bill HicksAlpine Reliability TrialLCCADecLCCA MelbourneAlexandra
1951WR Hicks & WW LeechAlpine Reliability TrialLCCADec 1 – 2
1950Bill Hicks & Bill LeechAlpine Reliability TrialLCCANovLCCA Brunswick St, MelbBlack Spur Hotel, Narbethong
1937-49Not Conducted due to War World II
1934Washed Out
1931-33Not Conducted
1926Arthur TerdichLCCV
1924Arthur TerdichAlpine ContestRACVMarch 6-15,Elizabeth Street, MelbMornington
1922Harry JamesAlpine 1000 Mile TrialRACV
1921Alpine 1000 Mile TrialRACVHaymarket, Melbourne Haymarket, Melbourne
Can you help?

Can you fill in any gaps? Do you think some details are incorrect? Do you have publications or photos from old Alpines that you’d like to share with the Alpine community?

We’d love to hear from you!  


Geoff Portman and Ross Runnalls in the 1984 Alpine Rally. Pic by Nev Wilkinson