We’ve already started planning for the 2019 Alpine. For spectators, it’s looking pretty good…  We’re planning 10 spectator points over the weekend, including a gala evening of action at the Bairnsdale Speedway on Friday night.

There will be more info in the leadup – keep an eye on this site or our Facebook page.

The Spectator Guide will be available for download from here in the week before the event.

Support the region…

While in East Gippsland, please support the local communities with your custom. They have so strongly supported this event over a number of years and without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Accommodation in East Gippsland

To see a listing of all the accommodation and other attractions in East Gippsland go to www.discovereastgippsland.com.au

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Page Banner: Spectators in Murrungowar Forest. Not sure about the year and approaching car…  Please let us know if you took this pic or know more about it. Pic from the HRA collection.