#AlpineRally100 Entries open on 14 August

Entries open for the 2022 Lock and Load Transport Alpine Rally of East Gippsland at 10:00 am on Sunday 14 August.

So you don’t miss our being a part of the first motor sport event in Australia to celebrate its 100th year, get prepared now with the information necessary for completing the entry form.

If the past few Alpines are anything to go by, the field will be full only an hour or two after entries open! There are just 100 places in the entry list. Nearly 240 known drivers have expressed an interest. Lots will miss out.

To handle the load, Organisers have commissioned a special on-line only entry form for this year’s Lock and Load Transport Alpine Rally of East Gippsland. The entry form will enable you to lodge your entry quickly, but you will then need to provide all the remaining required information later.

Here is how you can get yourself organised:

1. Gather your information together - now!

To submit your entry you will need to provide at least the following information:

  • Your name and contact details – physical address, phone number and email address
  • Information on the Competitor – the person who will be responsible for your entry throughout the event. You’ll need the Competitors name, address, email, phone and MA Licence details.
  • Information on the Driver, if they are not the Competitor. Again, you’ll need name, physical address, email address, phone number and MA Licence details.
  • How your entry fee will be paid to the Organisers (either EFT direct debit or on-line, using a credit or debit card.)

Of course, you can gather other information you’ll need as well, such as Co-driver and vehicle details. You’ll need all this information anyway, so the earlier you gather it the better.

2. Access the Entry Form when Entries open...

The link to the online Entry Form will be on the website and will be made live when entries open: 10.00 am (AEST), Sunday 14 August 2022.

The link will be on both the Alpine Rally home page and on the Competitor Documents and Forms page.

Make sure you check the form to ensure the detail you supply is correct – this is especially important for any email addresses and mobile telephone numbers.

Then, simply submit the entry by using the green “Submit” button on the last page of the Entry Form

The Entry Form will be closed when the full list of 100 Entries and 30 Reserves is received.

Get in early!

Note: the online Entry Form is the only way to enter the Alpine.

3. Pay and supply additional information after entering...

We don’t expect everyone to be able to provide all the information required on the entry form when you initially lodge your entry.

After entering, your acknowledgement email will include a link that lets you re-open the form so you can add additional details. Entry forms will stay open for additional information until 31 October.

You will also need to submit your documents for review by the Entries Secretary before 31 October.

You need to pay your entry fee within 14 days of entering.

4. It's YOUR Responsibility...

Time to man up. 

It’s your responsibility to ensure your Entry Fee is paid with 14 days of submitting your entry. If its not paid, your entry will be considered invalid and you may be relegated to the bottom of the Reserves List.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that all the information required on the Entry Form is provided and that your documents have been uploaded for review before 31 October.

Incomplete entries on 31 October run the risk of being relegated to the bottom of the Reserves list.

5. That's all folks!

We’ll post more information about completing your entries and uploading your documents through the Competitor Guidance area on the website – keep an eye on it.

Start gathering the information you need for your #AlpineRally100 entry now!


  • We’ll only accept 100 entries and 30 reserves, which was reached for the 2019 Alpine in about three hours!
  • Entries will open at 10.00 am (AEST) on Sunday 14 August
  • First come, first served
  • Entry is via the online Entry Form only, via the website only
  • Only a few essential details are initially required to submit an entry; the remaining information will need submitted before 31 October.

Stewart McLeod and Adrian Mortimer,  Datsun 260Z, on their way to winning the Australian Championship Division of the 1975 Kleber Alpine Rally. Pic by Ken Cusack. 

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