HRA and Alpine Supporting Local CFA’s

Following the devastating bushfires from late 2020 and early 2021 the membership of the Historic Rally Association has been raising funds to support local CFA Brigades in East Gippsland. So far a total of $10,000 has been distributed.

The Lock & Load Alpine Rally of East Gippsland relies on local CFA brigades and their members to help maintain the safety of our competitors and service crews at refuel areas both along the route and in our service parks. We have had a long relationship with many of the brigades in the areas we visit along the course of the event.

In 2019 the rally was threatened with cancellation due to the increasing risk posed by small fires in the region north of Nowa Nowa. In the days and weeks after the event those fires grew to become some of the worst the region had ever seen resulting in massive property loss across not only in East Gippsland but much of the East coast of Australia.

The CFA volunteers regularly place themselves in harms way to protect their local communities and we are delighted to be able to help in a small way to support their ongoing activities.

The Brigades that have received funds are:

  • Bruthen
  • Lakes Entrance
  • Bemm River
  • Orbost
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