Lock & Load Retail Partner Spotlight

This is the first of a series of ‘Spotlight’ articles we are doing to showcase some of the rapidly expanding Lock & Load Transport Tie Down Systems retail partner network around Australia.

Today the focus is on MPC Auto Speed in Croydon South, Victoria.

 What do you love about your location?         

We are located very closely to Holinger, Motec, and many other motorsport suppliers.

What is your core business?

Everything from professional motorsport vehicle building and preparation, dyno tuning, motec install and parts supply. To everyday vehicle servicing and maintenance

What’s great about the Lock and Load products?

They fit on any trailer. Easy to use. Great quality products

How do the Lock and load products enhance your core business?

Because we work mainly on motorsport vehicles, they are always dropped off to us via trailers. And every time we’ve switched a customer over to Lock & Load tie down systems they have been very happy.

What is your favourite car?

No particular car, but personally I love open wheel race cars of all sorts.

What do you and your team like to do for fun?

Most of us are all car nuts. But we also love a good family trip away to the country side.

Contact Lee and his team on: 


MPC Auto Speed
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