1-4 December, 2022

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Alpine Rally Survey Crew Gallery

After rescheduling the 2021 Lock & Load Alpine Rally of East Gippsland to December 2022 and being locked down in Melbourne for many weeks the road team members finally got into East Gippsland to do some work on the route instructions. Unfortunately the weather turned ugly halfway into our trip and we have had to retreat from the forests to keep everyone safe.

The roads that we got to look at are absolutely fabulous but in many areas the aftermath of the 2019 bushfires is very obvious. We expect this event to be one that stays in the memory of competitors for many years to come. We even have one stage that has never before been used and presents some of the best mountain roads you will ever drive on. There are 26 special stages totaling 480km with about 540 km transport. Longest stage distance is 63km, shortest is 1.4km.

Competitors and spectators are in for a real treat.

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