Rally Officials – A Rare Commodity

Rallying needs volunteer officials – and lots of them!

Never has this been more evident than in the 2022 Lock and Load Transport Alpine Rally of East Gippsland.

The areas and the roads we are allowed to use for rallying in Victoria diminishes every year.  Events are required by law to physically restrict entry by the public into the areas and on the roads being used as Special Stages.  The best method of striking both target with the same stone, so to speak, is by manning all roads which provide access to the rally area.

That means a lot of road closure officials are required.

While the 2022 Lock and Load Transport Alpine Rally of East Gippsland has adequate numbers of officials volunteering to be Scrutineers, Control Officials, Stage Commanders, Zero Car Crews, Recovery crews, Spectator Marshals and the plethora of administrative positions needed for an event the size of an Alpine Rally, it has become necessary to take drastic measures in order ensure that the event can go ahead.

As in previous years, Organisers of the 2022 Lock and Load Transport Alpine Rally of East Gippsland are again requiring each and every competing crew to supply a person or group of people who are able to undertake some pretty simple but essential tasks in the Forest.

Clerk of Course, Owen Polanski said, “We need 450 officials to run this year’s Alpine, and there is just not that many people on our list! So we are requiring each crew that enters to supply a group of officials – it may be one or more – who will be able to provide security for the course at a road closure on at least one day of the four day event.”

“It’s something we have done for the last few events and it has generally proved to be successful.”

“More importantly, we were able to conduct the event knowing that all the crews were safe and the Special Stages were secure from unwanted vehicle intrusions – the last thing you want in a rally, I can tell you!”

After all that we still have quite a few places to fill so this is a great opportunity for people in the local East Gippsland community to get involved without needing any special skills or prior knowledge. Being a road closure official means spending a pleasant day out in the forest at your own private spectator point.

If you would like to register as an official for the 2022 Lock and Load Transport Alpine Rally of East Gippsland, please go to https://form.jotform.co/83427653654868 and complete the Officials Registration form.

To stay up to date with the latest Lock & Load Alpine Rally of East Gippsland news go to  https://alpinerally.org.au/

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