2 – 5 December, 2021

Lock & Load Retail Partner Spotlight

This is the second in a series of ‘Spotlight’ articles we are doing to showcase some of the rapidly expanding Lock & Load Transport Tie Down Systems retail partner network around Australia.

Today the focus is on Johanson Brothers Motorsport in Woolgoolga, NSW.

 What do you love about your location?         

Love the beautiful North Coast of NSW.

What is your core business?

Race car preparation, service and repair.

What’s great about the Lock and Load products?

Quality products at a reasonable cost, customisation available on request and super prompt and friendly support.

How do the Lock and load products enhance your core business?

We view Lock and Load products as a value added service to our clients.

What is your favourite car?


What do you and your team like to do for fun?

Modify vehicles.

Contact Greg and his team on: 

Email: motorsport@johanson.com.au


Website: http://motorsport.johanson.com.au/


Phone: 0412 666 658

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