The Alpine…”It’s all about the Vibe”

I am often asked ‘What makes the Alpine so successful?’ and my response is; it’s the location, the great roads, the organisation, the people, the chance to mix with other competitors from all over, the relaxed atmosphere, the last event of the year but most of all it’s “the vibe” to borrow a phrase from that famous Aussie film The Castle. It’s an intangible thing that, if I could bottle it, would be a sure sales winner.

The Road Team, hard at work….

I am just finishing up on what we call our Section Leaders familiarisation weekend where we get all our key ‘On-Road’ officials to familiarise themselves with the sections of the route they are working with. It’s a very hectic few days and the first real rest of how all our work in setting the route and creating all the documentation to go with it works.

Andrew and Frank clearing trees

I am incredibly lucky to have some of the smartest, most experienced and nicest people possible working on the Alpine Rally of East Gippsland and the work that they do as well as the insight they bring to the organisation of this massive event is invaluable. The work they have all done this weekend has confirmed for me that we have created another event that is worthy of the Alpine legend.

Jim and Diane Kennedy, Andy and Sherrin White, Barry and Barb Brookes, John and David Denny are our Section Leaders and not only have they checked the work that Steve Hollowood, our amazing Road Director/Deputy Clerk of Course has done but have used their years of experience to feedback to tell us where it can work even better than it does now.

Also in residence this weekend are Alan Baker and Peter D’Angri creating the spectator instructions and again their experience and skill are the key factors in what will be a fantastic experience for the many spectators who flock to this iconic event

Add to that the hard work from Frank Grant and Andrew Roberts our two Assistant Clerks of Course on the road team in making sure everyone who live along or near the route know about it and are happy to have us in their back yard.

The awesome roads…..

A big part of the vibe is the location in which we hold the event. Many people (including me) reminisce fondly of Alpines in the Bright region but sadly that area is no longer able to support an event like the Alpine. Our new home in East Gippsland with the base in Lakes Entrance is one of the best places in Australia to run a rally from. It has a massive amount of accommodation, the locals are really welcoming and helpful, the 90 mile beach and mountains are both close by and last but not least there are some of the most awesome rally roads in Australia,

There are many, many things that make the Alpine Rally of East Gippsland the iconic event that it is but I’m summing it all up with the phrase…..”It’s the Vibe…….”

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