The mountains are calling

The Alpine Rally is called that for a reason – it goes up into the mountains.

In the past we’ve heard suggestions that we cannot be running a “real” Alpine in a beachside town like Lakes Entrance – but nothing could be further from the truth.

While Lakes Entrance IS a beachside town, with the obvious altitude of zero, it gives us a perfect base to keep the Alpine tradition alive up in the Great Dividing Range.

Some stats from the upcoming event.

  • The lowest point in the route is -2.3 m
  • The highest point on the route is 486 m
  • Nine stages get up over 250 m, seven over 300 m and three over 400 m
  • Nine stages have more than 250 m between their lowest and highest point
  • Only one stage is flat – less than 10 m between highest and lowest
  • The longest climb is also the highest – from 22 to 476 m, over some 20 km of amazing rally road.

This is the overall event altitude profile:

This is the longest and highest climb… on our longest stage:

This is a typical of our stages

… and this is the flat one – the Bairnsdale Speedway.

How are you at mountain climbing?

More importantly, how are you at going downhill? Many of the steep climbs involve equally steep descents… possible advantage to be had there!

So yes, we’re based at the beach. But, a Lakes Entrance based Alpine Rally of East Gippsland is well and truly a mountain rally. 

Hope you’re good with heights…

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!”
Dr. Seuss

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”
Sir Edmund Hillary

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