The Alpine Rally #100 Spotify List

What could be better than cruising down an amazing rally road in East Gippsland with some fabulous music belting out? Not much!  We always have a playlist ready when we’re out surveying and our survey vehicle, the block of flats, even has a passable sound system.

At a recent HRA Social Event, in the afterglow of a cutthroat barefoot bowls match (and a couple of reds) we decided to get ready for surveying later this year – with a special Alpine Rally #100 playlist. And we decided to share it…

The Alpine Rally #100 Spotify Playlist

The Alpine Rally #100 is a Spotify Playlist – so you’ll need the spotify app and at least a free account to listen. If you’re new to Spotify go to their website or your mobile application store to get est up.

The Playlist is a diverse collection of Alpine and rally related songs, touching a range of rally themes, including:

  • Alpine weather (eg “Four Seasons in One Day”, “It’s Been Raining”, “Walking on Sunshine”, etc – too many weather songs!)
  • driving flat-out (“Hold the Line”, “Don’t Stop”, “Take it to the Limit”)
  • East Gippsland high country (“It’s a Long Way to the Top”, “King of the Mountain”, “Slice of Heaven”)
  • Being stuck in a ditch (“Move Baby Move”)
  • Co-drivers (“Show Me the Way”, “Which Way Home?”,
  • Car problems (“One Headlight”, “Running on Empty”)
  • Service Crews (“With a Little Help from my Friends”, “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”)
  • Alpine Roads (“Smooth”, “Every Day is a Winding Road”)
  • Doing well in the Alpine (“We are the Champions”, “The Winner Takes it All”)
  • Classic rally music (“I Can See for Miles and Miles”)
  • The mindset you need to rally organiser (“Most People I know”, “You Get what you Give”)
  • The 2019 Alpine Rally (“Fire and the Flood”, “Fire and Rain”)
  • Alpine Rally #100 (“Happy Birthday”, “Celebrate”)
  • … and lots more!

The list includes music from every decade since the 1960s and reflects the team’s diverse musical tastes. Lucky it’s easy to skip a track depending who is or is not in the car!

The list isn’t complete – there will be songs we’ve missed that need to be there. We’ll add to this list between now and the event – especially when we’re out of Covid-19 restrictions and listen as we head down to East Gippsland on a survey trip.

We hope you enjoy Alpine Rally #100.

Let us know what you think needs to be added – and why.

Owen & Steve
27 March 2020

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