A Great New Partnership

The Alpine Rally of East Gippsland and the AGL Rally SA – Rally of the Heartland have combined to offer some new and innovative encouragement awards.

Each event will award two, yes two, free entries in each other’s events.

AGL Rally SA will award 2 free entries to the 2021 Alpine Rally, and the Alpine Rally will reciprocate by offering 2 free entries in the 2020 AGL Rally SA in the category of their choice.

The criteria will be that the awards go to crews with the capacity to do each event, crews that have not done either event before, and crews that the respective organisers decide are appropriate.

The first free entries to the AGL RallySA – Rally of the Heartland have been awarded by the organisers of the just completed Alpine Rally of East Gippsland.

The free entries, worth $3500, are going to Greg Hannah/ Jacqui Collihole in their 1981 VC Commodore, and father/ son team of Steve Marron/ Ben Marron in their Mitsubishi Galant (aka angry smurf).

Both crews have undertaken to take up the awards – and will be in Burra in May.

Alpine Rally of East Gippsland Clerk of Course, Owen Polanski said “The Heartland is fast becoming an event that Classic Category competitors everywhere want to to do. I’m delighted to be able to support Ivar and his team by giving this award out to a couple of crews who will make the most of the opportunity and experience a great event in a unique part of Australia.”

We hope these substantial awards will incentivise these crews to rally on in future years and we are delighted to assist entrants in this way.

Ivar Stanelis, Rally Director, said “It’s a great pair of prizes, and it will be fantastic to see crews that might not compete otherwise having a go in the Heartland. We are really looking forward to seeing how they go, and to then selecting a pair of crews to take up free entries to the Alpine at the end of our event”

Owen Polanski
Clerk of Course
Alpine Rally of East Gippsland

Ivar Stanelis
Clerk of Course
AGL Rally SA – Rally of the Heartland

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