Bush Fires in East Gippsland

The Alpine Rally of East Gippsland is shocked and saddened at the devastation currently happening in the East Gippsland region.

It’s like one of those recurring nightmares that make you not want to go to bed. Every morning you wake up and it just gets worse and there’s not a thing we can do about it. Having said that the community in East Gippsland is strong and have had much practice at coping with and coming back from these events but they will need help when it’s all over.

Firstly, we will be back and we will run the best, most successful Alpine Rally ever in 2021 as a way of putting back into the various communities of the region. Secondly, there are currently a number of great initiatives like the Portman’s Hay Drive that are addressing immediate needs and we implore you to support those where possible.

Third, the HRA and the Alpine Rally will be organising a donation/fundraiser for one or more key rebuilding/re-equipping projects in the region after the dust/smoke has settled and we get a clearer picture of where the help is most needed.

Stay tuned for more details of that and how we can continue to help out.

Owen Polanski
Clerk Of Course
Alpine Rally of East Gippsland

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