Progressing your Entries

Thank you to everyone who has provided information and documents to date. Here are a few points to help progress your entry for #AlpineRally100. 

Out of date documents

 We have received a number of uploads where the expiry date has already happened, or will happen before the start of the event. Please don’t upload these – it just creates extra work for you and for us. 

Emergency Contacts

We hope that we never have to use your Emergency Contact information. But, if we do, it would be nice to have good information, including the first name of the person you’d like us to contact, rather than just an initial. 

Scrutiny Forms

Our Chief Scrutineer, Frank Black, has confirmed that Scrutiny Forms cannot be completed prior to 14 days from the start of the event. Scrutiny Forms dated prior to the 17th November we will not be accepted.

Entry Fees

A reminder that for your Conditional Entry to be accepted you need to pay your entry fee within 14 days – by Sunday 28 August. Entries that are not paid by then run the risk of being relegated to the back of the reserves list.

Any enquiries to our Entries Secretary.


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