a row of 13 alpine rally caps

Alpine Rally caps from 2001

Steve Hollowood, the Alpine Rally Road Director, has a few strange habits, including collecting caps. Among his hundreds of caps are all of the HRA

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Greg Carr/Wayne Gregson, Datsun 710SSS, 1976 Alpine.

Alpine Champions Gallery

Our Alpine Champions Honour Board shows 64 winning crews from the first running of the Alpine in 1921, providing you count Mr/Ms “Unknown” in 1925. 

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Champagne spray at finish.

2019 Alpine Rally Gallery

The 2019 Alpine Rally of East Gippsland… a selection of pics from John Doutch, Paul Mollison, Bruce Keys and Craig O’Brien. 

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A Great New Partnership

The Alpine Rally of East Gippsland and the AGL Rally SA – Rally of the Heartland have combined to offer some new and innovative encouragement awards. Each

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View of blue mountains in the high country

The mountains are calling

The Alpine Rally is called that for a reason – it goes up into the mountains. In the past we’ve heard suggestions that we cannot

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